Dukat b.Aktiv Smoothie – 1st Dairy Smoothie

b.Aktiv LGG Smoothie – the first line of milk smoothies in Croatia.

Dukat b.Aktiv LGG Smoothie - a unique blend of richness of fruit and healthiness of b.Aktiv LGG yogurt for true sensory enjoyment.

Fruit Smoothie - a healthy and tasty mix of functional yogurt with high value dairy culture LGG and irresistible fruit combinations.

Smoothie with cereals – fruit smoothie enriched with cereals and seeds for an ideal on the go meal.

 Smoothie Superfood - Super Healthy yet tasty Smoothie drink with one „superfood ingredient” which carries occasion-benefit (morning boost, daily antiox and recharge moment). It combines the healthy benefits of both yoghurt (functional yoghurt with LGG and vitamins B6 &E to support normal function of immunity) and Superfood ingredient (matcha, turmeric or spirulina).