Ribanac - king of cheeses

Ribanac is a premium extra hard cheese made of cow's milk.

Its main feature is a long ripening period - one to two years. Only then it becomes grainy, hard and crumbly. Although hard, it melts in your mouth. Its aroma is full, sweet, with a strong fruity admixture. To produce one kilogram of Ribanac, you need as much as 15 litres of the highest quality fresh milk. Eaten alone, paired with a glass of quality red wine or as part of cheese platters with dried figs, raisins or nuts, Ribanac is a superb gourmet experience!

Ribanac snack cheese is already diced and ready to serve. Convenient packaging keeps it fresh longer even after the opening. It is an ideal choice when you want to impress people with an extraordinary delicacy or if you crave cubes of tasty cheese for a better sleep!

Freshly grated Ribanac is a high-quality and tasty accompaniment of many dishes - ranging from soups and pasta to meat and sauces. A recognizable aroma of freshly grated Ribanac gives the final touch to any meal.

Ribanac is available in 250 g and 15 kg packages, Ribanac snack in 180 g package, while freshly grated Ribanac is available in 40 g, 100 g and 1 kg packages.

Awards and recognition

  • Ribanac, 250 g
  • Ribanac, 15 kg
  • Ribanac snack, 180 g
  • Ribanac freshly grated, 40 g
  • Ribanac freshly grated, 100 g
Ribanac, 250 g

Ribanac 250 g

Nutrition information per 100 g
Energy1508 kJ (362 kcal)
Protein35.5 g
Carbohydrate3.7 g
Fat22.8 g